Rokadanes Solbrit - AKA: Zoey

Whelped: May 20, 1999.

Zoey during one of her half second "Quiet" periods. (July 14, 1999).

Above is Zoey looking for mischief, as usual, and
checking the leafs for a Tug-of-War Toy. (July 14, 1999)

Pictures below taken August 10, 2000.

Zo's parents (below) are:

Sorita's Flaming Fire V Amorous

(son of Sorita's Alina Swedish Girl)


Von Otto's Astrid

(daughter of Sorita's Anders for Rokadanes)

Sorita's Alina Swedish Girl & Sorita's Anders for Rokadanes are
litter mates from Airway's Phantasy & Rokadanes Star of India-na

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