Rokadanes Star of India-na - Emigrant to Sweden and later
had his "Humans" come to the U.S. with him, their family,
and his "girlfriend" Airway's Phantasy

Above - Rokadanes Star of India-na (Charlie) a few days before his flight to Sweden to
spend four months in the Stockholm quarantine kennel.

After a few years living in Southern Sweden he brought his human family
& his Swedish Great Dane friends to the U.S.A. where he &
Airways Phantasy whelped a litter including Anders

Above - Rokadanes Star of India-na (Charlie) after his experiences
showing and living in Sweden and return to the U.S.

Above - Airways Phantasy came to the U.S. to become Anders mother

Below - Father of Airways Phantasy - Ch. Chanels Excalibur of Airways

"Charlie" and "Phanta" gave Rokadane our Swedish Connection

Soritas Anders for Rokadanes - (Anders)

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