Whelping started 4:30 PM March 26, 1998
Ch. MeadoWood's Nirvana V. Tremain
X Rokadanes Phantasy

Playtime under the Heat Lamp 4/2/98.

The Lineup - 4/9/98.

Below - These Puppies really get "into" their Food - 4/15/98.

Below - This is much better and we stay cleaner - 4/21/98.

Clockwise from 10 O'clock - Joshua, Gypsy, and Pooh Bear almost 8 weeks old.

Gypsy almost 8 weeks.

Pooh Bear almost 8 weeks.

Below - Pictures 6/3/98 - Weights at cropping 6/2/98.

Rokadanes Regis Regalia - "Rocky" (was Joshua) 22.0 pounds.

Rokadanes Ring Master - "Pooh Bear" 22.5 pounds.

Rokadanes Romany Rose - "Gypsy" "22.5" pounds.

Puppy Love? or What were you drinking?

Below - Pictures 6/7/98 - A few hours before Rocky went to his new home in Mishawaka.

Rokadanes Regis Regalia - "Rocky".

Rokadanes Ring Master - "Pooh Bear".

"Pooh Bear" (sitting) and "Rocky" (standing) on the deck steps.

Rokadanes Romany Rose - "Gypsy".

Below - Just over 11 weeks. 6/16/98

Gypsy says her brother has dirty ears. 6/16/98

Yes, we are always good. 6/16/98

Click for pictures as they continue to grow from 6/30/98 to 12/7/98.

Click for pictures of Gypsy on 2/7/2000.

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