GDCA was split into 6 divisions in 1999 & it was decided that each will host in the same order every rotation.
This listing is the clubs making up each Division (as of 2000) & the year of their next National starting with 2010.

SOUTH CENTRAL: - 7 clubs - (2010)
Alamo GDC
GDC of El Paso
GDC of Greater Dallas
GDC of Greater Houston
Heart of Texas GDC
GDC of Louisiana
GDC of Oklahoma

WESTERN: - 11 clubs - (2011)
GDC of Las Vegas
GDC of Northern California
GDC of California
GDC of San Diego
GDC of Arizona
GDC of Tucson
GDC of Hawaii
GDC of Western Washington
Williamette Valley GDC
GDC of Mat-Su (Alaska)
Monterey Bay GDC

MIDWEST: - 5 clubs - (2012)
GDC of Des Moines
GDC of Greater Denver
GDC of Greater Kansas City
GDC of Greater St. Louis
Heart of Minnesota GDC

NORTHEAST: - 11 clubs - (2013)
GDC of Central Pennsylvania
GDC of Pennsylvania
GDC of Western Pennsylvania
GDC of Western New York
GDC of Raritan Valley
GDC of New England
GDC of Maryland
GDC of Metropolitan Washington
GDC of Lehigh Valley
GDC of Oxford
GDC of Tidewater

CENTRAL: - 11 clubs - (2014)
Lake Shore GDC
GDC of Michigan
GDC of Kentuckiana
GDC of Cleveland
GDC of Milwaukee
Hoosier GDC
Heart of Illinois GDC
Heart of Ohio GDC
Illini GDC
Greater Cincinnati GDC
Wolverine of Western Michigan GDC

SOUTHEAST: - 6 clubs - (2015)
GDC of Mid South
GDC of Central North Carolina
GDC of South Florida
GDC of Mid Florida
Heart of Alabama GDC
GDC of North Central Florida