Ch. Rokadanes Quincy (Butch)
Whelped November 8, 1996

ICSB-OH - International Canine Semen Bank - Ohio

Butch was from a Surgical AI at ICSB-OH & has Semen stored there.

				Can. Ch. Cilka's Excalibur
			Can. Ch. Cilka's The Boss Von Gereen 
				Can. Ch. Sasa Deera Sulana of Cilka
		BIS/BISS Can. Ch. Boss's First Son Joshua
				Kindane's Khan of Roy Hill
			Ch. Queen De Elegance of Roy Hill
				Morgana's Venus
	BISS AM/Can. Ch. Lamb's Creek Thorncrest Chimo
				Ch. Lambs Creek Andrew the Great
			Ch. Stein Haus Deacon of Lambs Creek
				Ryan's Royal Aileen
		Ch. Lamb's Creek Emmy Lou
				BIS Ch. Sheenwater Gamble On Me
			Ch. Avalon Ali of Lamb's Creek
				Brookside's Betty Kona
Ch. Meadowood's Nirvana V. Tremain
				Ch. Honey Lane's Go For It
			Ch. Honey Lane's Casablanca
				Ch. Honey Lane's Sylvia V Rimac
		Ch. MJM's Lemans Von Meadowood
				Ch. Darrdane's Opening Bid
			Ch. MJM's Class Act of Lyndane
				Ch. Murlo's Scarlett O'Harris
	Meadowood's Isis                 
				Ch. Rojons Doctor Ly
			Ch. Rojon's Don Sue Luke V. Lost Creek
				Ch. Rojons Teena Marie Don Sue
		Meadowood's Dawn
				Ch. Pedadanes Justinian
			Meadowood's Lady Godiva
				Misty Mountain's Emyn
*** "BUTCH" ***
				Ch. Shadam's Gizmo
			Rokadanes Vajra Adamas
				Rokadanes Opal
		Rokadanes Star of India-na
				Isaiah Of Gentle Giants
			Gentle Giants Akbar Dione
				Gentle Giants Desert Flower
	Sorita's Anders for Rokadanes         
				Ch. Coriander's Buccaneer
			Ch. Chanel's Excalibur of Airway's
				Ven Elgers Kyme
		Airway's Phantasy
				Ch. Sandale's What A Guy
			Airway's Livingdoll
				Ch. Debutante's Loni Anderson
Rokadanes Lucianna                                
				Ch. Caprata's Simba
			Ch. Rojon's Oh Boy V Mecca Dane
				Mecca Dane's Cynarra V Windane
		Ch. Rojon's Flamboyant
				Ch. Honey Lane's Rave Review
			Ch. Rave Review Viva Miramor
				Ch. Joker's Wild Rose of Miramor
	Rokadanes Taj-E-Mah	                 
				Ch. Corinth's I Am Abel V Hydane
			Ch. Rambo's Abel Acclaims Th' Boss
				Ch. Princeton's Brandy Alexander
		BISS Ch. Rokadanes Jahalom Nahzeer
				Ch. Danehill's Able Von Waldheim
			Canadian/American Ch. Tigroschka
				Stasha of Gentle Giants