Ch. Rokadanes Quincy (Butch)
& Rokadanes Talitha (Litha) puppies

Born: Monday June 21, 2004.
      These pictures were taken September 5th and 12th, 2004
when the puppies were Eleven & Twelve weeks old.

The two pictures above are Rokadanes Wolfgang (Wolf) on 9/05/04,
while out on a walk.

The following pictures were taken on 9/12/04

The picture above is Rokadanes Wizard (Wiz) talking to his Mom
after coming to have is ears put in wraps.

Above is Rokadanes Wild Rose (Rosey) tussling with Wiz while
Wolf is checking his play yard.

Above is Rosey tussling with Wiz while Litha, their Mom, looks on
& Wolf is investigating the smells on the fence.

Above is Wiz checking the play yard and Rosey & Wolf tussling
while Mom looks on.

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