Ch. Rokadanes Quincy (BUTCH) & Rokadanes Romany Rose (Gypsy) puppies

Whelped: June 7, 2000.

These pictures are all after the litter was sent to their own homes.

Above - Lance getting used to his new surroundings in early August.

Above - Talitha & Tasmin playing in their new "Headwear"
on 8/10/00 for the crops done the previous day.

Above - Tiana sharing a "Bed" with her new older "sister".

Above - Tiana is proud of her Ears. 8/29/00

Above - Tiana is very good at Playtime.

Above - Buster while visiting his 2 Michigan sisters.
Below - The Trio being as quiet as they know how.

Above - Tiana is growing into her Ears. 9/17/00

Above - Tiana "Luvs" her big "Sister".,

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